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What Is Virtual Office And Who Needs It

A virtual office is a service that allows business owners to:

(a) maintain a business domicile address that is part of the legal requirement of a company
(b) use office facilities such as meeting rooms, coworking space, lounge and pantry
(c) enjoy the reception and other secretarial services

at a desirable location without the need to pay rent for a physical office space.

Virtual office has become an increasingly popular trend amongst business community mainly because of the prestige, flexibility and cost efficiency that it offers. Prominent virtual office is usually located in CBD areas, hence provides prestigious business domicile address that can help to boost company’s image and reputation. Virtual office is flexible because you can work remotely while your incoming calls, mails and documents are professionally handled by the virtual office operator. Virtual office is cost efficient because you do not have to pay for the rent of a physical office and yet you are entitled to use the facilities provided. You can book a meeting room for meeting or presentation and access the coworking space, lounge and pantry at your convenience.

Virtual office is most suitable for company that:

– wants to upgrade from home office (for prestige and privacy)
– has minimal number of employees
– is newly formed and needs business domicile address
– is in early stage of operation
– has limited budget
– is small in size
– has mobile or remote workforce

For these companies, virtual office is the best solution as it gives the benefits of prestige, flexibility and cost efficiency. Today, virtual office is widely used by the following:

Self employed entrepreneur
Virtual office is the perfect solution for self employed entrepreneur who can work from anywhere yet can maintain a prestigious business address and use the facilities as needed.

Startup enterprise
Virtual office provides business domicile address that a startup company needs to fulfill its legal requirements.

Small business owner
Virtual office is cost efficient option for small business owner who cannot allocate much budget for physical office rent.

Company with remote workforce
Virtual office is a suitable option for home industry or company with remote workshop and yet want to maintain a prestigious business address.

Holding company
Virtual office is typically used by holding company with no day-to-day activities hence has no or minimal number of employee.

Virtual office is the cheapest and fastest way to own an office, but it is not for everyone. Once a company has grown to a bigger size or has hired more employees then coworking space and serviced office are better options. Like virtual office, coworking space and serviced office clients also enjoy in-house facilities (meeting rooms, coworking space, lounge and pantry) as well as the reception and secretarial services. It is advisable that you choose an operator that provides full range of services from virtual office to coworking space and serviced office to enable you to upgrade according your needs at short notice.

If you are looking for a virtual office in Jl. Jend. Sudirman (Central Jakarta CBD) or Jl. TB Simatupang (South Jakarta CBD), it is advisable to visit Amethyst Executive Suites (“Amethyst”) that offers virtual office, coworking space as well as serviced office. Amethyst offers various virtual office packages that are tailor-made according to your needs. Amethyst also offers coworking space and serviced office in the same location to allow you to upgrade according to your business needs without much hassle.

Amethyst Executive Suites provides Serviced Office, Coworking Space and Virtual Office in Jl. Sudirman (Central Jakarta CBD) and Jl. Simatupang (South Jakarta CBD). Our serviced office tenants include startup and growing local companies as well as representatives of established multinational companies. To find out more about our services and promotional offers, please visit or call or whatsapp +62 896 3694 1711 (Sahid Sudirman Center) or +62 896 3694 1722 (18 Office Park).

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