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The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Office

Virtual office is one of the most remarkable innovations in the flexible office space sector. In Indonesia, virtual office was first introduced in the 90’s and has become increasingly popular since then, especially in major cities like Jakarta. Nowadays, many business practitioners choose virtual offices for their cost efficiency and flexibility.

A virtual office provides a legitimate business address without an actual physical office, plus entitlement to use complete office facilities (meeting rooms, lounge, pantry) and services (secretarial, cleaning, maintenance). All these can be obtained at an affordable and inexpensive price.

Although renting a virtual office is inexpensive and cost efficient, it may not be suitable for all businesses. Before choosing your ultimate office, you may want to check out the advantages and disadvantages of virtual office.


(i) Cost efficient
Virtual office is the cheapest professionally run office. There is no set up fee and no office overhead other than virtual office rental which already includes all facilities and services in a professionally run office.

One of the most prominent virtual office provider is Amethyst Executive Suites (“Amethyst”) which offers various virtual office packages from the cheapest and most basic package (Rp450,000 or +/- USD30) to the most comprehensive package (Rp1,000,000 or +/- USD70). You can choose a virtual office package that suits your needs, which usually includes business domicile address, dedicated phone number and meeting rooms.

(II) Prestigious
Prominent virtual office providers, such as Amethyst, are mainly located in CBDs which give you prestigious business address that you otherwise may not get for the same price.

Amethyst operates two centers located at most prestigious business districts in Jakarta namely Jl. Jend. Sudirman (Central Jakarta CBD) and Jl. TB Simatupang (South Jakarta CBD). Both centers offer full range of services from virtual office, coworking space to serviced office. These prestigious locations are easily connected to the toll road that goes directly to Soekarno Hatta International Airport, giving easy access and great convenience to virtual office clients who are mostly mobile.

(iii) Convenient and Comfortable
Virtual office allows gives you the convenience to work from anywhere. No time or energy is wasted on commuting. If you need to meet up with your clients, your virtual office allows you to use the office facilities including meeting room, lounge and pantry. Amethyst meeting room comes in different sizes with the biggest that can accommodate up to 30 people. Elegantly decorated lounge and pantry can be accessed at all times.

(iv) Flexible working hour
Virtual office allows flexibility in working hours as you are not required to be at the office during the typical 9am to 5am office hours. Nonetheless, all incoming calls, mails and documents addressed to your company will be professionally handled by Amethyst’s well-trained receptionist.


(i) Lack of physical office
If your business requires extensive and frequent communication with clients, then virtual office may not be the best choice. The cost efficiency of having a virtual office does not compensate for the loss of potential business.

(ii) Technology dependent
Virtual office works well with the help of advanced technology, particularly the availability of internet and smart gadgets, without them you will be handicapped and that means loss of business potentials.

(iii) Lack of management control
Lack of management control in virtual office setting may translate into low productivity and non-optimal sales achievements.

(iv) Lack of personal interactions
As employees work remotely, teamwork may not be optimized in virtual office setting. In the long run, this may affect business performance negatively.

Though virtual office may not be suitable for every business, for many others it is the fastest and cheapest solution to give them entrance and foothold in the business world. After all, virtual office has made it possible for new entrepreneurs, startup companies, small companies to instantly own prestigious business domicile address and enjoy first class facilities and services at an affordable and inexpensive price.

Amethyst Executive Suites provides Serviced Office, Coworking Space and Virtual Office in Jl. Sudirman (Central Jakarta CBD) and Jl. Simatupang (South Jakarta CBD). Our serviced office tenants include startup and growing local companies as well as representatives of established multinational companies. To find out more about our services and promotional offers, please visit or call or whatsapp +62 896 3694 1711 (Sahid Sudirman Center) or +62 896 3694 1722 (18 Office Park).

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