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The Future Is Bright For Serviced Office Rent

Serviced office rent has become the choice of many business owners for its flexibility, convenience and cost efficiency. In Jakarta, we see the continuous growth of serviced office rent that supports the needs of startup companies, small to medium sized enterprises and international companies. In Jakarta and other metropolitan cities in the world, serviced office rent has become a primary option for many business practitioners.

The future of serviced office rent in Jakarta remains bright thanks to various developments in this country. Here are some of the factors that will continue to contribute to the bright future of serviced office rent in Jakarta:

Remote working has become the new normal
Technology is enabling workers to put in hours anywhere and anytime. With many corporations accepting working from home as the new normal, the needs for conventional office rent are expected to become less and the practice of serviced office rent will increase.

The growth of technology based companies
The Indonesian government has allocated a huge budget on E-commerce, education and healthcare so the future of these sectors is promising. In the last few years, we have seen the success of Tokopedia, Halodoc and Ruangguru and many others. More new technology-based players are expected to emerge. Serviced office rent is a favorable option for startup companies for its convenience and cost efficiency.

The growth of small and medium enterprises
The Indonesian government has given tax incentives of up to 100% for a maximum of ten years for investors that invest in small and medium enterprises. The growth in this sector will continue to boost the needs for serviced office rent. For companies with limited number of employees, serviced office rent is more cost efficient than conventional office rent.

The needs for flexibility at time of crisis
In times of financial market instability and economic uncertainty, business owners have to be able to react quickly. Serviced office rent which offers ready to use offices that can be occupied instantly, allowing business owners to have the flexibility to scale up at a short notice. Serviced office rent contract term is typically for 6-12 months so it is easier to scale down as well compared to conventional office rent that usually requires long term contract.

The increasing trend in sharing economy
Sharing economy has become a favorable trend as it reduces waste and increases sustainability of resources. Serviced office rent allows mix of tenants under the same shared workspace, allowing different companies to share common facilities and resources, resulting in efficiencies of capital and resources. For this reason, serviced office rent has also become the choice of developed companies, both for interim needs (ad-hoc project, transition) or even for more permanent set up.

The growth of foreign investment
To encourage investments, Indonesian government has offered various tax incentives and has implemented Online Single Submission (OSS) to simplify business licensing process. These favorable treatments will help boost foreign investments and the needs for office space. Serviced office rent is the preferred choice of representative offices for their location, convenience and flexibility.

With more than 270 million population, Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world. The big population with nearly 70% of it in productive age group makes Indonesia a great economic potential for both local and foreign investors.

Serviced office rent with all its advantages will continue to benefit from the growth of investments, the shift towards flexible workspace and the increasing trend to support sharing economy. For startup companies, small to medium enterprises as well as representative office of foreign companies, serviced office rent is the most practical, convenient and cost efficient choice. With remote working becomes the new normal, serviced office rent is likely to take over some of the market share of conventional office rent.

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