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The Benefits of Hybrid Work

Working with a hybrid system has become a trend, as evidenced by a study from McKinsey & Company showing that 52% of employees prefer a hybrid model post-pandemic.

Hybrid work is a new way of working where employees have the option to work from the office or various locations.

Here are the benefits of hybrid work:

  1. Flexible Time and Location
    Hybrid work can provide flexibility for employees. Previously, employees could only work from the office. But with the hybrid work system, employees can be more free to choose places and work hours more flexibly.
  1. Cost savings.
    As long as employees are doing hybrid work, the biggest possibility is that employees will work from home. This will make expenses decrease such as transportation costs to food consumption outside.
  1. Increased Productivity
    Hybrid work provides a good work-life balance for employees in improving their well-being. In Envoy’s artical, the point is that when employees work with a hybrid system, they can balance their workload, can take on job responsibilities and concentrate more on their work.

Virtual office can be one of the hybrid work solutions where employees can focus on the work at hand and things related to office operations such as receiving letters, receiving calls, scheduling meetings and so on can be directly handled by the virtual office operator.

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