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Guides In Choosing Serviced Office Rent

Serviced office rent has become an increasingly popular option for business community mainly because of its flexibility and cost efficiency. For this reason, serviced office rent is widely chosen by startup, small to medium sized companies, and representative office of international / multinational companies.

Today in a metropolitan city like Jakarta, you can find many shared office providers, offering you a wide choice of serviced office rent. As such, the process of selecting serviced office rent can be overwhelming and time consuming. As it is not practical to visit all serviced offices in Jakarta, below are guidelines to help you in the selection process.

Determine your needs and your budget
Start the process only after you determine the number of your employees and confirm the availability of your budget. Serviced office rent is usually more flexible than conventional office rent, nonetheless it is wise to plan for at least 12 months ahead.

Choose your preferred area
If your budget allows, you should aim for a serviced office rent within Jakarta CBD areas. Consider two most popular business districts in Jakarta i.e. Jl. Sudirman (Central Jakarta CBD) and Jl. Simatupang (South Jakarta CBD). Though price of a serviced office rent in CBD areas may be higher, the easy accessibility and the prestige it offers outweigh the premium you pay.

Serviced office rent inside an office building is often preferred, especially those that have banks, restaurants, cafés, hospitals and other essential amenities within or around them, providing convenience especially given Jakarta traffic.

Shortlist serviced office rent providers in your preferred area
Research as many prominent serviced office rent providers in the areas of your choice. Check their websites, read the testimonials and reviews from their serviced office clients to give you an objective picture. Shortlist your preferred serviced office rent providers based on those independent third party testimonials and reviews.

Visit the serviced office to check its facilities
Once you have shortlisted your preferred serviced office rent providers, it is time to visit them. Find out personally if the furnishings, furniture and the ambience inside and outside the serviced office that suits your needs.

Meeting rooms are important for clients that choose serviced office rent, so do make sure there are enough meeting rooms that can accommodate your needs especially if your business requires frequent presentation or seminar.

While the serviced office you rent will become your private office, you will be sharing some common facilities such as lounge and pantry, so make sure those facilities are as good as it is advertised.

Make sure there is high-speed internet connection not just in the serviced office you rent but also in the whole area. Check if there is on-site internet support personnel as it is a huge advantage to have one on standby.

Check the safety and security inside and outside the serviced office and within the office building. Hygiene and security system (CCTV, access card, keys) are necessities.

Observe the management and staff
As serviced office rent includes receptionist and secretarial services provided by the provider, do sit down and chat with the management and staff to get a feel of how competent and responsive they are. Remember you will depend on their services on daily basis as they will take care of your phones, mails and documents, cleaning etc.

Check terms and conditions
Serviced office rent usually have terms and conditions that are quite straightforward, nonetheless you should check if there are any “hidden” costs. Make sure all costs are accounted for in your serviced office rent. You should also check smaller details such as after office access especially if you have to frequently work late.

While a serviced office rent contract is typically much shorter than a conventional office rent, you should plan to stay for as long as you can. Changing office will cost time and money not only because you need to re-do the selection process again but also because you will need to change your business domicile address in all your company legal papers.

Price does matter in choosing your serviced office rent. Stretching your budget too far is not worth it. However, the cheapest serviced office rent may not be the best solution for you. Find the right balance between what you aspire to, and what you can afford. Most important is to choose a serviced office rent that will help you grow your business.

Amethyst Executive Suites provides Serviced Office rent, Virtual Office rent as well as Coworking Space at Jl. Sudirman (Central Jakarta CBD) and Jl. Simatupang (South Jakarta CBD). Amethyst’s serviced office clients include startup companies, small and medium enterprises, as well as representative offices of established multinational companies. To find out more about our office rent and promotional offers, please visit or call or whatsapp +62 896 3694 1711 (Sahid Sudirman Center) or +62 896 3694 1722 (18 Office Park).

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